This should become an web application. People might give explanations for (newer) technologies to a virtual character called 'landkind' and indirectly to each other. The idea is inspired by TV shows like german Montagsmaler or some such thing: one kid (out of a group) has to paint terms (without speaking) and the others have to guess what is meant — of course all under time pressure. At least it's a funny thing, and you can learn a lot: like reducing complexity so that others can deal with it in the very moment. Pedagogically speaking it is a good thing, when learners explain things to each other because the learn effect is high and teachers are free to do a tutor's or moderator's work.

Such a project needs a lot of scripting, programming, and database management. So if you have some skills in that direction and are interested in here, please, visit Schmidt's website goap.net.

Seeheim - April, 15. 2004

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